Your Technological Partner

Hardware Design

Software Design

Design of high level software for the realization of complex automatic systems, energy savings, data collection from sensors and security:

  • Windows e Linux S.O.;
  • C++, C# and ASP.NET programming
  • audio and video streaming;
  • algorithms for data intelligent processings;

Design of custom hardwares and firmwares for building automation and data collection:

  • microcontrollers STM32, Atmel, Renesas e Microchip;
  • Wireless systems: WiFi, Bluetooth and ZigBee;
  • communication over USB, RS232 e RS485;
  • MEMS devices and sensors integration;

System Integration

Advanced Technology

High level design for:

  • motion capture systems:
  • laser measurement systems;;
  • autonomous low power devices;
  • self powered devices;;

Design and integration of complex building automation and energy saving systems:progettazione schede di interfaccia e conversione dati;

  • design of wireless transmission data electronic boards;
  • design and integration of KNX based plants;