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Audio Networking

The devices Barix Exstreamer 100 and Instreamer 100 allows the encoding/decoding of analogic audio and MP3 and allow to send public announces and songs into the ethernet networks, reducing plant costs and improving the system flexibility.

Design and management of MP3 audio and public announce systems over TCP/IP networks, based on the use of Barix devices.

The use of multizone streaming audio systems allows a whole plant cost reduction, if compared to standard analogic solutions. Moreover, this solution will be easily expandable, by simply adding a new streaming device to the network.

  • multizone audio streaming:
  • any PC with a mocrophone will become a potential public announcement system;
  • multilanguages automatic public announcement system;

Video Networking

Design of video streaming systems for analogic and IP cameras over the ONVIF standard.

  • Streaming management for IP cameras of AXIS, Indigo Vision, Basler, Bosch and for all the cameras complaint to the Onvif standard;
  • Streaming conversion in the H264 and MJPEG standards;

This software has been realized for Stazioni Marittime S.p.a, in Genova. It manages the streaming of the audio inside the commercial areas and sends automatic public announces once a ship is arriving or departing from the port.